“ Positivity, hard work and pursuit towards excellency while maintaining the ethical standards
in business is driving my day to day life towards fulfilling the dream of an eco-friendly sustainable world.”

Atanu Bhowmick, an young entrepreneur from Bengal was driven by the idea that what brings good to oneself should bring good for the community. During the time when rampant usage of plastic was talk of the town, Atanu Bhowmick formed his own company in 2009 as a proprietorship company and no sooner in 2013 Sahayak Crafts was established as a Private Limited Company to promote the use of jute and jute diversified products. He left no stone unturned to instil in the mind of the consumer the benefits of using jute products replacing plastic products. No sooner Universities and educational institutions became his potential clientele and the client base kept on increasing, bearing the proof that singularly he has been able to create a potential mind shift from conventional use of plastic products towards a favourable empathy towards the golden fibre- jute.

Today the company proudly boosts of being a part of the “Sabujshree programme” of State Government.

Our Features

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